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Welcome to A&B Partners, one of the leading professional providers of business development services. A&B Partners advices companies, organisations and governments in their international business development. Let A&B Partners be your guide to business success.

Exploring the world is not a passion, it’s a calling
“Jean Blondeel”

more then 25 years of


If you are failing to plan,
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A&B Partners is a Belgian consultancy company, established in 1988 by Jean Blondeel. In the following years, Jean Blondeel and his team have turned A&B Partners into a international company with networkpartners in industrialised countries as well as in emerging markets in the world.


      This century confronts business ventures with opportunities and threats linked to the internationalisation and the globalisation of markets. Each business venture and each market is unique. In this complex environment, entrepreneurs and other decision-makers with international ambitions often call for guidance from specialists, acting as a trusted partner. Our mission is to be the right and trusted partner for those enterprises. A&B Partners translates international market opportunities into appropriated services in order to assist in the professional development of companies, services and products. In several strategic countries, A&B Partners cooperates with a selected network of associates who offer high-class proficient services to our clients across the globe. A&B Partners offers all of our clients a friendly and professional service. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence. A & B Partners only provides services that meet our own high standards.



All A&B Partners are sincere in their dealings with all stakeholders. They treat information from all clients in absolute confidence.


Everything you need to know when it comes to building from informative blogs to style trends.


All A&B Partners find it enriching to work for and with people from other countries, cultures and religions.


A&B Partners attributes its success to the hard work and dedication of all of its partners. The role of each partner is strongly linked and critical for optimal results.

Entrepreneur focus

We understand that a home and it environment should be as one. When you build a home.


All A&B Partners are committed to engage their skills to the fullest and apply them reponsibly to the mission assigned by the client.

Core Values



B2B ibd

A&B Partners offers customized advice as well as collective activities;


Success in your international business development often depends on the correct use of financial instruments.

Mergers & Acquisitions

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Public & Private Funding

Subsidized programs

Subsidiary financial means serve as a leverage to open new markets. A&B Parnters assists businesses and organisations to obtain EU grants and financial instruments at multilateral organisations. Procedures and lenghtly application forms are very complex and demand expert knowledge. There are hundres of different schemes in operation at any one time, many new schemes appearing and others disappearing. A&B Partners identifies the possible grants, puts you in contact with the relevant grant awarding bodies and leads you through the whole application process.

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Consortium engineering

A&B Partners offers services in project organisation, partner search, implementation, support, management, administration for consortia in EU granted projects.

Investment dossier

International business development often requires investment. External investors want to receive a  fully substantiate investment dossier. A&B Parnters assists you in drawing up this dossier.

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B2B International Business Development

A&B Partners offers customized advice as well as collective activities.

Market analysis:

A&B Partners determines current and future international market size and trends, growth rate, profitability cost structure and distribution channels in relation to the strenghts and the weaknesses of your enterprise.


Emerging Market Partner Search
A&B Partners leads you to the most suitable strategic partners in emerging markets.

Feasibility study

Small business owners have an array of legal issues to consider while operating their business, with the


      A&B Partners organizes collective activities, often commissioned by or in collaboration with third parties. These activities are always connected to international business development.

Business events:

      A&B Partners organizes regulary seminars and conferences on new technology niches and social themes which will have an impact on future business.

Real Estate

      A&B Partners organizes regulary incoming and outgoing missions and collective participations to international trade fairs. In the missions, B2B matchmaking is the most important part. A&B Partners chooses themes and international destinations representing opportunities, but which are fairly unkown on the home market.

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