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January 27, 2019

Invitation to participate in the Eu-mission to Malaysia-Singapore

“Innovative Medical Technology & Healthcare Services”

25th March to 29th March 2019

It’s no coincidence that your company has been selected to participate in this mission, organised by A&B Partners. 

Today, you have a great chance of developing growing business by offering answers to the current demands in innovative technology and services by Malaysian and Singaporean Medical care. 

Singapore, independant and smart city-state, and versatile Malaysia share a great synergy in the growth of Healthcare and hightech biomedical industry. The ambitious objectives of both, make the time right for us to step on this train. 

As Malaysia took over the presidency of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) in 2015, it chose to focus on a people-oriented ASEAN. Also Malaysia was pronounced ‘Medical Destination of the Journey of the year’ because of its innovative healthcare system and destination of world class for health tourism.

Malaysia stays ambitious and wants to achieve the state of high-revenue country, as identification of developed market, proven already in its diversified economy on pharmaceutical market and great technological abilities. 

Singapore has the ambition to be the world’s first Smart Nation. It wants to grow into a center of the high-tech industry, already observable in their biomedical sector. Singapore is aiming for more connectivity between people and IT and the use of smart and green technology.  Healthcare has developed in Singapore over the last 50 years, from an age expectation of 63,7 to 82,8.  More than half a million foreigners travel yearly to Singapore for medical treatment.

Though for both there are still issues as:  the growing aging, the increasing government cost in healthcare, the pressure on hospitals, the growing health care demand because of the growth of chronic diseases.  So the investment potential keeps on growing.

Does your company have enough potential markets for the future in its specific business?

Is your company forward thinking about business growth in new growing markets?

Do you believe in increasing your world market share by jumping on this train?

You may be the right person/company at the right time. 

Create a connection by participating in this mission with an individual matchmaking programme specifically for your company.

Contact us to receive the dynamic programme:    drs. Jean Blondeel Mail: Mobile: + 32 497 46 73 86

Participation Fee 
Both countries :
€ 3.750,00 (VAT and flight/accommodation not included) for 1st participant ; € 350,00 for 2nd participant
Participation Malaysia
: € 1.950,00; € 350,00 for 2nd participant
Participation Singapore
: € 2.150,00; € 350,00 for 2nd participant

Terms of payment
Payment  upon your confirmation/enrollment.  Within two weeks after completion of the mission, A&B Partners gives ½ day free follow-up

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